Aquarius compatibility with other signs

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Dating an Aquarius man or Aquarius woman is somewhat interesting because of their independent, smart, and adventurous personality. However, not all individuals from the other 11 zodiac signs will be compatible with the Aquarius. Some signs on the astrology want an emotional and romantic individual which are the characteristics that the Aquarius does not possess. For an Aquarius to know his or her complete date, he or she must read the horoscope compatibility guide.

This will enable him or her to understand the different personalities of the star signs, thus giving him or her a guide which zodiac sign will be the most compatible date for him or her.

Aquarius Compatibility with Libra

The Aquarius and the Libra fit each other perfectly. Their relationship will be colorful and interesting because they understand each other most of the time. They have several similar personal qualities which make them compatible with each other, but they also have contrasting character traits. The good thing about them is that, they do not consider their opposite personalities as hindrances to their relationship. Instead they use these for the benefit and improvement of their relationship.

The Aquarius is stubborn but the diplomatic Libra knows how to play with the stubbornness of the Aquarius. Also, both of them are social lovers. They love social gathering such as parties, reunions, community gatherings and others. With this, they have a lot of friends, and their life will never be boring. Their life evolves more around their friends but they do not forget their own interest as a couple. However, sometimes, the Aquarius cannot understand why the Libra is easily affected and hurt by the people’s thoughts and ideas around them. The Libra is very sensitive that any cruel remark from anybody else would hurt him or her. The Aquarius, on the other hand, does not really care about other people’s remarks and ideas about them.

Overall, this couple will succeed to the end. They know how to support and help each other, thus, making them achieve success easily. Their relationship may be tested and challenged sometimes, but they know how to handle it. They always make sure that they resolve any problem that they have before the day ends so that they can rest peacefully.

Aquarius Compatibility with Gemini

The Aquarius and the Gemini have several opposite and contrasting qualities, but they still manage to make their relationship successful. They are also common in so many ways. For example, their approaches and perspectives in life are the same, so there will be no several clashes and fights between them. They are intellectual individuals, and they build up a strong intellectual connectivity. They love discussing with each other, sharing their ideas with other people, and they always make sure that they win an argument. This makes them a good debater and public speakers.

Jealousy will not be a problem in their relationship because neither of them will get jealous with other people. They are normally involved in different social activities and they will be surrounded by different people. As a couple, it is normal that they get jealous if there are other boys and girls flirting around them, but they know how to control their emotions so that they do not get jealous. This helps in making their relationship a successful one. They are very attracted to each other physically, and it will be a little bit difficult to separate them from each other because their attraction is very strong. They may have misunderstandings and small fights like other couple, but they can surpass it easily.

Aquarius Compatibility with Sagittarius

The Aquarius and the Sagittarius star sign have a great chance to form a successful and happy relationship. They really make a good team when it comes to intellectual competitions because they really complement each other intellectually. When the Aquarius’ mind has run out of inventive ideas, the Sagittarius will supplement it with his or her artistic yet practical ideas that will benefit them both. Their relationship will be happy because they are both cheerful individuals. They also love to be always at the center of attraction.

Personal freedom is very important to the Aquarius and the Sagittarius, and they need a partner that allows them to have freedom. They found that in each other’s arm. Their relationship lacks warmth, affection, and romance, but they do not really care about it because they are not too emotionally attached. But since they lack emotional attachment, their relationship can be easily broken if they do not care for their relationship.

Aquarius Compatibility with Aries

The Aquarius and the Aries have a strong connection, but they will also face several challenges on their relationship because of their similar personalities. However, they will still be able to surpass these challenges. One personal trait that they both have that can create a trouble within their relationship is their dominant personality. In the end, there is chance that Aries will dominate the relationship because the Aquarius is more passive.

They have the same approaches in life and that makes them compatible with each other. They both understand each other’s desires and dreams, and they would help each other to be successful. Both of them are also independent and they do not want to always cling with their partner. To help each other enjoy their personal freedom, they avoid doing things that will suffocate each other in their relationship such as calling each other every time to know where their partners are, dragging their partners to unusual and awkward environment, and treating their partners as if they own each other.

Because Aquarius lacks warmth and emotional commitment, sometimes Aries will see him or her as a selfish lover or a person who does not want his or her partner to feel love and warmth. For their relationship to continuously grow, the Aquarius should learn how to show his or her feelings to the Aries because the Aries wants affection, warmth, and love in a relationship. Even if the Aquarius loves the Aries, but he or she does not show it, eventually, Aries will get out of the relationship.

Aquarius Compatibility with another Aquarius

An Aquarius to be matched up with another Aquarius will create a successful relationship because they are strongly compatible with each other. They are both adventurous and they will love travelling and visiting places around the world. They would like to try unordinary things such as eating exotic foods, playing adrenaline-rush games and many more. They love the city, and they enjoy the typical city life. They love to eat outside, and stay outside of the house. Because of their strong love for the city love, they rarely stay at home.

Both of them are usually involved at big organizations, companies, and powerful group of individuals such as businessmen, politicians, and other famous personality. They have a strong mental connection, and they perfectly understand each other because they have the same goals, dreams, and visions in life.

Because they are very similar in all aspects, and they are often involved in big companies and organizations, their relationship may lack warmth, and passion. Sometimes, they do not know if they are living as a couple or as friends. Being compatible and alike in so many ways, does not guarantee then that you will create a romantic and warm relationship. Their impersonal attitudes may also cause trouble in their relationship. Their relationship can become stronger if they will learn how show their passion and love for each other. That way, there will be warmth and affection in their relationship.

Aquarius Compatibility with Virgo

The Virgo and the Aquarius are opposite with each other and that makes them incompatible with each other. They will be always fighting like cats and dogs if they will be together in a relationship. Their approaches and perspectives in life are opposite and it would be difficult for them to stay in only one path. They are both mental individuals, and their relationship will totally lack emotion. A romantic relationship that entirely lacks emotion will never survive, because the emotion is what keeps the romance alive and healthy. Also, there is no sexual attraction between the Aquarius and the Virgo, so the relationship will be very dull.

Aquarius needs a large circle of friends and social groups, while the Virgo feels comfortable only with the presence of his or her close friends and families. Virgo is very practical and he or she may always criticize the generosity of Aquarius. The constant criticism of the Virgo with regards to the generosity of the Aquarius will irritate the Aquarius and will eventually give up on their relationship. Their relationship will lack excitement and fun if they are not willing to understand each other’s weaknesses. But, if they will do their best to understand each other, they can still make a good relationship and friendship. But as for a marriage relationship, they will not succeed because they need a major adjustment to keep their relationship alive, and there is a small chance that each of them will do a major adjustment.

Aquarius Compatibility with Taurus

The care-free lover Aquarius will not suit the passionate Taurus, so they will not end up as a successful couple. The Taurus is serious when it comes to relationship and he or she does not want a partner who is playful and dedicated. The Taurus will be requiring too much love and attention from the Aquarius, but the Aquarius is not capable of giving that too much love to the Taurus. Another thing that makes them not compatible with each other is their stubborn personalities. They are stubborn in different ways but that is just enough to separate them. For example, the Aquarius is not a conventional and traditional individual but the Taurus abides strictly with the rules and laws of the family. Also, the Aquarius has a great concern with the society and other people while the Taurus is self-centered and cares only about his or her self.

Both of them are unwilling to adapt to changes and this could aggravate a misunderstanding in their relationship and will eventually lead them to separate and live their own life. They will never succeed unless they are both willing to adjust and adapt with each other. The Aquarius should understand that a relationship with Taurus must not be taken for granted, and the Taurus should also understand that the Aquarius is not a showy person. The Taurus must learn how to care other people, and not just focus on his or her self. That way, he or she will be appreciated by the Aquarius.

Aquarius Compatibility with Cancer

The Aquarius horoscope 2011 with an unpredictable nature will be a headache for the Cancer who is a vulnerable person in nature. In a relationship, the steady Cancer will also suffer from the hands of the adventurous Aquarius. Unless the Cancer can easily adapt to the adventurous nature of the Aquarius, both of them can enjoy the active relationship. The Aquarius loves to share his or her knowledge to the whole world while the Cancer is satisfied only with sharing it to his or her close friends.

The Aquarius lacks emotional commitment, so their romantic relationship will totally be unexciting. However, when it comes to bed, they will be compatible for only a short time. Eventually, they will understand that a relationship that is based on sex and not love will not last that long. Their tastes are different, for example, the Cancer is more conservative, while the Aquarius is the exact opposite. Their relationship will not work and will not last long if they are not willing to compromise for each other. There compatibility rate is below 50 percent but they can change that to 50 percent of more if they try to understand each other as much as possible.

Aquarius Compatibility with Leo

Both the Aquarius and the Leo want to rule and dominate each other, so it would be difficult for them to make a happy relationship. Both of them are very independent, but on different views. For example, Aquarius views independence as a freedom to explore and discover new things in life, while for Leo, it means the freedom to live an extravagant and comfortable life. In their relationship, the whole focus of the Leo goes to Aquarius, but the focus of the Aquarius is divided to the world and to the Leo. Leo wants the full attention or focus of the Aquarius, but the Aquarius cannot give his or her full attention to the Leo. This will result to a clash and fight between them.

Even if they are attracted to each other, they are still bounded to separate because they are opposites on the zodiac calendar. They can actually benefit from each other’s personality, but if they cannot get hold of themselves properly, they will not succeed. Aquarius is unique and intelligent and that is what the Leo admires. On the other hand, the warm and vital personality of the Leo is what attracted the Aquarius. The intelligent Aquarius can help the Leo to succeed in his or her dreams while the warm Leo can add warmth to the Aquarius life. That is, if they try to take each other seriously.

Aquarius Compatibility with Scorpio

It is said that the Aquarius and Scorpio relationship always end up as a failure after some time. The Aquarius does not life the very emotional and jealous personality of the Scorpio. Scorpio loves his or her partner by clinging to the partner, and this irritates the Aquarius as he or she wants a little space or personal freedom from the Scorpio. On the other hand, the Scorpio hates the changing moods lack of emotional connection of the Aquarius.

The Scorpio is known for being a dominating individual but he or she cannot bend the love for freedom of the Aquarius. Also, the Aquarius is very sociable and can gain friends easily. The Scorpio, on the other hand, is very reserved and is not comfortable when there are too many people around him or her. The Aquarius needs a large circle of friends for him or her to enjoy life and that may create an emotional and mental gap between him or her and the Scorpio because sometimes, the Aquarius pays more attention to his or her friends than his or her partner.

Aquarius Compatibility with Capricorn

A romantic relationship is less likely to succeed between the Aquarius and the Scorpio. Eventually, both of them will realize that they are better as friends than as romantic couples. The Aquarius wants to be free while the Capricorn wants to dominate and rule the Aquarius and that makes them incompatible with each other. Aquarius is not that thrifty and he or she wants to spend money as much as he or she can. The Capricorn on the other hand will try to control the monetary transactions of the Aquarius because he or she wants to spend money wisely.

Money and properties makes the life of the Capricorn safe and secured, and Aquarius cannot give that to the Capricorn. Because of the nature of the Aquarius, he or she will change from one job to another, thus, he or she cannot guarantee a financial stability to the Capricorn. If they will focus on their own career, there is a tendency that they will forget their obligations to each other as a couple. They will be giving more attention to their work rather than on their partners. There is no special connection between the Aquarius and the Capricorn and a romantic relationship or marriage relationship will not be successful for them. However, they can be best of friends, and can even be business partners if the Aquarius tries to settle down.

Aquarius Compatibility with Pisces

Usually, the relationship between the Aquarius and the Pisces will end to a war. They can have a good relationship at the beginning, but if misunderstandings occur, it will be hard for them to compromise. Pisces demands too much affection and love from the Aquarius from which the Aquarius cannot give it. The Pisces wants the full attention of the Aquarius and this will only disappoint the Aquarius because the Aquarius believes that in order to have a balance life, he or she must focus as well on his or her friends and family members and not on the Pisces only.

As soon as Pisces observes that he or she is not getting the full attention of the Aquarius, he or she will be depressed. If things get worse, the Pisces will eventually break up and will decide to live his or her own life. They will have a good relationship at the beginning, but later on, they will be irritated with each other’s personality.

Best Compatible Zodiac Sign for the Aquarius

Among the twelve horoscopes 2011, the best compatible zodiac sign for the Aquarius is the Libra. They are almost a perfect couple because they know how to understand and support each other. They know how to calm each other’s wandering mind, and they know how to comfort each other when they are depressed. Aside from being romantic couples, they can be best of friends as well, and their marriage life will last for a life time.

Other Zodiac Signs that are Compatible with Aquarius

Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, and another Aquarius will make a good relationship as well with Aquarius. They can also enjoy a happy marriage life, but their relationship will be full of ups and down. But since they work well together, they can surpass the challenges in their relationship.

Worst Compatible Zodiac Sign for Aquarius

The worst compatible zodiac sign for Aquarius is Virgo. There is no hope between them when it comes to a romantic relationship. They can succeed as friends, but as couples, they will never succeed. They are totally opposites and that makes them highly incompatible with each other.

Other Zodiac Signs that are Incompatible with Aquarius

Aside from the horoscope 2011 Virgo, the astrology signs Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are not suitable for Aquarius man or Aquarius woman. It is difficult for them to succeed in a relationship because of the unique Aquarius characteristics. They should work really hard to understand the Aquarius if they want to make their relationship a success.

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