Aquarius traits – Considering A Relationship With A Aquarius?

When it comes to independence, life is all about Aquarius  maintaining a comfortable level of it, while at the same time balancing this out with the rest of their universe.  The Aquarius horoscope reigns supreme when it comes to independence.  As individuals can be rather peculiar in that they so desperately desire to be different from everyone or anything else they will intentionally take a direction that no one else is going, if for no other reason but just to stand out from among the fray.  

Aquarius horoscope traits are the unique ability to wrap their minds around the largest of ideas, and to grasp with reasonable comprehension the many woes of the earth. Because of this, Aquarius must be mindful to not let the ills of the planet to bog them down personally. They believe deep within themselves that if the situation has come to their attention, then they can somehow affect change in it. But in reality, often times the most change that they can provide is to say a prayer for the problem as they perceive it and to keep it moving. Due to the fact that this Zodiac Sign tends to be such humanitarians, it is easy for the Aquarius to get caught up in the emotions of a situation. They really desire the earth to be a peaceful and happy place.

Some find the Aquarius horoscope sign to be an exercise in conflicting personas. This zodiac sign is very much the social creature, reveling in the fellowship of others; while simultaneously being so comfortable and at peace with being by themselves that they can easily forget that there is a great big world out there full of fun people for them to enjoy.  Because they are so enjoying their own personal company, In addition to this, these people of this sign have the unique ability to appreciate something and have absolute disdain for it at the same time.

The Aquarius lives an enormous portion of their life inside of their own heads; this provides for them the unique ability to transcend everything of the earthly realm that would stop or hinder the average person. This isn’t anything that Aquarius does intentionally; it is just the way that they are hard wired. Because of this it is common place for Aquarius to come forth with some of the most creative and innovative ideas and inventions at will. Really, no think tank or group involved with completing a task is complete without having an Aquarius on board.

Since so much of life happens first inside the head of the Aquarius horoscope sign, they appear to others to be detached from real human emotions. In actuality, this is a byproduct of being wired as you are and it is not something that you suppress. Aquarius tends to believe that there is too much emotion in the earth and not enough logic and reasoning; and therefore things are as they are on this planet.

Emotions can also be attributed to one of the primary reasons why Aquarius are so it hard to tie down in a relationship, they feel as though to be an emotionally committed loving relationship may be more of a hindrance to them than a help in the long run; severely diminishing their own personal sense of independence.  If you happen to be one of those unique people a can be in a relationship with someone that doesn’t seem like they are in a relationship with you, then you may be a very good match for Aquarius.  Aquarius is more than capable of having an emotionally committed love relationship, and it must be based in freedom and independence.  Aquarius does not believe that another person completes them; rather they believe that two complete emotionally mature free spirits should come together to create a life of with each other.

One of the more profound Aquarius traits is that they achieve success quite naturally, once they set their mind to a specific goal, it is a done deal.  Their determination to complete a specific project is unyielding, and nothing can stop them from reaching their desired target.  Their extraordinary capacity to focus on a situation enables them to not get sidetracked by problems that may arise, because the same focus enables them to solve problems virtually at will. Aquarius is an ideal entrepreneur because they thrive with the opportunity to work professionally in a capacity in which they can spread their wings and operate with the freedom and independence that they need.

Unfortunately Aquarius are not the best money managers, and astute Aquarians know that they must seek financial council in the form of a good accountant or bookkeeper as soon as possible, so that can continue to enjoy the success that they worked so hard for.  The Aquarius understands that the strongest person in the world is the person that respects their own personal weaknesses, and this zodiac sign is infinitely aware most of theirs, and they do have a healthy respect for them.

When it comes to the area of romantic relationships, Aquarius seems to have the reputation of desiring to keep their distance emotionally from their significant other.  They tend to come across as detached from the person that they are in the love relationship with, leaving the other person to wonder why they’re in a relationship in the first place.  Sometimes Aquarius seems wholly involved in the relationship with their significant other, while at other times they seem to be avoiding having a relationship entirely.  The disconnect here is that if you’re going to be in a relationship with someone of the Aquarius zodiac sign, you must be ready to deal with the fact these special people live in two different worlds.

There is a physical world everyone around them is fully aware of, and then there is the spirit world within them that they usually have a greater sense of and spend more time in.  When there’s something going on at a celestial plain Aquarius is usually the first one to get the memo.  They traditionally don’t have any control over which world are going to be stepping into at any given time.  It is not unusual for and Aquarius to be in a lively social function and then just totally fade out from it, suddenly appearing to be aloof and standoffish to everyone.  What has just happened is that they are abiding in that other space in that particular time. Don’t worry, they will be back; and when they do return they will be all yours again.

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