Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility

Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility

Capricorn and Taurus General Compatibility

Are Capricorn and Taurus compatible when it comes to love and relationships?

Capricorn, what a lovely match you make with your Taurus! There is a strong and undeniable bond you share. You’re both straightforward and uncomplicated, and want these qualities in a partner.

Capricorn, both you and Taurus are earth signs, which means there is an intuitive understanding you share. Earth signs are known for their hard-working, practical, reliable yet super sensual way of being.

You both value living comfortably, and enjoying the riches you’ve worked so hard for! Capricorn, you’ve always got your head down, striving towards your ambitions. Success is always in your reach.

Your Taurus can get down and work hard, but enjoy the pleasures of life just as much. Your Taurus lives and strives to attain safety and security, and having you in their life, Capricorn, well there is no two ways about it!

You’re able to offer them the life they desire, your dependable and reliable nature makes you very attractive to your Taurus. Capricorn, the life you can live with your Taurus is harmonious and comfortable. What a strong match!

Capricorn and Taurus Dating compatibility

Are Capricorn and Taurus compatible when it comes to dating?

Capricorn, you instantly charm your Taurus with your unusual sense of humour. They really enjoy those belly laughs you give them. Your sense of humour is a bit dark, and a little shocking at times, but your Taurus just loves that you speak with honesty and truth.

Communication is something the two of you excel at with one another. You speak honestly and direct! There is never a moment needed to worry about what your partner is thinking, both of you just say it like it is!  Capricorn, the two of you can discuss anything and will somehow find common interest along the way.

It is good for the two of you to share and reveal your dreams and aspirations. You’ll quickly start to see how much you have in common, and that this relationship is what you are both looking for.

You really connect with your Taurus on matters of arts and culture. Capricorn, you and your lovely Taurus enjoy indulging in the senses and appreciating the finer things in life. Enjoying a sensual meal, looking at art or going to see a film together gives the both of you the utmost pleasure.

Capricorn and Taurus sexual compatibility

Are Capricorn and Taurus compatible when it comes to physical attraction?

 Capricorn, you’re very lucky to find yourself in the arms of a beautiful Taurus. Taurus are known for their sexy sensuality and sweet ways of seduction. Your Taurus will use all five senses to woo you into bed.

Your Taurus’ willingness to give you pleasure ignites a deep passion within you. Capricorn, usually you’re quite shy and reserved, but your Taurus just knows how to light a little fire within you.

There is an emotional intimacy you both crave, so being with one another gives you the opportunity to explore and seek pleasure in ways you never thought possible. Take your time in bed and soak up every sensual moment.

There is no point rushing with your Taurus, neither of you enjoy rushing into things, least of all sex! Capricorn, you both enjoy savouring each sexual encounter you share. Tender embraces and soft kisses should get you both quite excited. And after that a lot of hot and heavy passion ensues.

Capricorn and Taurus Marriage compatibility

Are Capricorn and Taurus compatible when it comes to marriage?

Capricorn, you and Taurus just love stability, and most of all commitment. Getting married is a no-brainer for you both. The energy is just so easy and free flowing between you. You’re both on the same wavelength and will always find a supportive partner in each other.

Capricorn, your Taurus will make your life a lot easier and more enjoyable. They’re always ready to embrace you with a warm supportive hug, or ready with a delicious meal. They just love to support you and show you that you are loved. Before long, you might even start to believe it, Capricorn.

Your hard-work and determination is really valued and appreciated by your Taurus. They see the hours you put it, and the sacrifices you make to follow your dreams and make both your lives more comfortable. Your Taurus loves to be the rock you can depend on.

Capricorn and Taurus problem areas

What are the problem areas for Capricorn and Taurus?

 Arguments are few and far between for you and your Taurus. The two of you get along so well, there isn’t really cause for trouble, and if a problem arises, you’re both so practical, you’re able to sort it out in a jiffy.

Challenges usually results from you, Capricorn, spending too much time at work and not paying enough attention to your Taurus. There is nothing a Taurus loves more than spending quality time with their special person.

It’s good for you to be cognizant of this, Capricorn and make adjustments to take time off to spoil your Taurus with affection and attention. With enough hugs and kisses your Taurus remains happy and satisfied.

Capricorn, your Taurus really likes pretty things and indulging their senses. Frankly, your Taurus can be bit of a hoarder. This drives you mad, especially when you come home from work and see your Taurus has gone on another shopping spree. Your Taurus needs to curb their spending habits or else they might have a very angry goat on their hands.

Overall rating of Capricorn and Taurus

Are Capricorn and Taurus compatible overall?

Capricorn, your relationship with Taurus is fantastic and strong. You have the makings of enduring a long and happy life together. Commitment is your strength, as well as your willingness to work through any hiccups.

Communication flows easily for you and Taurus, Capricorn. This makes it easy to hash out any conflicts and come to a fair compromise. The two of you have similar views and understandings of the world, and share similar goals.

The two of you are headed in the same direction. This relationship is perfect for each other. How lucky are you, Capricorn? You’ve found your soul-mate and true love in your gorgeous Taurus!

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