There is nothing essentially off-course with the female’s desire to find an affluent man. You might hear the opposing opinions like this is so conservative and backward as far as our modern times are in question, but biology as the core of your being must be telling you that somethingContinue Reading

One of the differences between Vedic and western astrology schools is the fact that Vedic astrology offers various sorts of remedies for the negative planetary influences and periods. And when a person goes through harsh moments life can serve in front of us all, it really doesn’t matter which schoolContinue Reading

We are all facing this global health and socio-economic crisis due to the COVID-19, but before we see how things will develop, let’s just turn back and check about the astrological events which caused it. Perhaps, you have forgotten, but 2019 was filled with several powerful eclipses. And the oneContinue Reading

Most of us are familiar with Sun sign Astrology, which is determined by what sign the Sun was transiting on the day you were born. We identify as a Capricorn or an Aries and we read up on what that supposedly means about our lives, our work, our relationships, ourContinue Reading

In our modern society we use all sorts of calendars and time-management apps in the hopes of increasing productivity, creativity and focus. However, we have turned away from using one of the most powerful productivity-boosters of all time— the Moon! The Moon moves through a 28-day cycle of 8 phases,Continue Reading

Dates: March 20th-April 19th Symbol: The Ram Energy: Yang, Masculine Season: Spring Modality: Cardinal, Initiation Element: Fire Body Parts: head and face Planetary Ruler: Mars Polarity (Opposite Sign): Libra Highly Compatible with: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini Least Compatible with: Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer Cardinal Fire, the Energy of New BeginningsContinue Reading

Cancer Horoscope Sign Traits Cancer (JUN 21 – JUL 22) is the fourth sign of the astrological zodiac and is symbolized by the crab. This is considered one of the four cardinal signs and is also a water sign, which is ruled by the moon. Anyone born between about JuneContinue Reading

Emotions, emotions, emotions are what rule the life of the Cancer horoscope sign, and because of this Cancers are frequently misunderstood.  Considered by many to be the most compassionate and caring of all the zodiac signs, Cancers still must deal with their own personal struggles such as they’re over sensitivity. Continue Reading

Aries – what signs are compatible to the leader? Aries (March 21 – April 20) compatibility with other signs.Almost all of us have heard about zodiac and astrology at one point or another. The zodiac astrology has been part of human culture for as long as men and women ofContinue Reading