Lucid Dreaming How to: How to Control Your Dreams

So you want to learn how to control your dreams… well, you have to realize that you are dreaming in the first place.  There are a few techniques to help you with this;

Noticing dream signs.

Dream signs are just things you dream about frequently.  If you’ve been keeping a dream journal, then you should be able to notice patterns in what you dream about regularly.  The more you notice these things, the more likely it is you’ll notice when you are dreaming about it.  And when you notice it in your dream, you’re more likely again to realize that you are dreaming.

Do reality testing.

For this technique to really work, you ought to apply it frequently, even when you know you’re awake. Periodically question oneself if what you’re encountering is truly attainable, especially if you’ve just experienced some thing which is a frequent dream factor. Ask by yourself if anything unusual is taking place. Have you been inexplicably bare? Did you just spit out all your teeth? If there is one thing heading on that doesn’t appear feasible inside the genuine world, you are most likely to be dreaming. If not, then you happen to be awake. It may well aid to establish a regular agenda for reality testing, for example on the top of each and every hour.

Think about what you want to dream about before you sleep.

This will make it more likely that you will ACTUALLY dream about that particular thing.  And since you thought about it before you went to bed, you’re more likely to realize that you are in fact dreaming… then it’s LUCID ON!

Have MORE dreams.

Learning how to control your dreams  comes down to numbers game.  The more dreams you have, the more dreams you are likely to remember, the more likely it is you’ll realize you are dreaming so you can control it.  There are various things you can do to increase your odds.

Drinking a lot of water before bed.  This will make you wake up to ‘relieve’ yourself, and when you wake up you should record any dreams you can remember.

(or you can just set an alarm to avoid any ‘mishaps’, ;P)

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