Top 3 Psychic Protection Techniques & Steps

The psychic realm is a unique and largely unknown plane, posing various wonderful mysteries but also availing all manner of dangers. No matter the approach, be it astral projection or basic probing activitiespsychic protection techniques are becoming a fairly well known and accepted subject to study and undertake in dealing with and handling the psychic realm in a safe and secure manner.

Best Psychic Protection Techniques

There is an innumerable number of protection techniques that may be undertaken by both new and experienced persons, limited largely by imagination, inventiveness and the specific purpose and situation at hand.

That being said, the most popular means of achieving psychic protection is the so called basic psychic protection; and ‘basic’ is pretty accurate as this largely revolves around wrapping oneself in energy, the idea being to block all unwanted and largely malicious emotions and vibrations from external sources.

It is a widely accepted means of achieving protection, taking into account the fact that, to practice the psychic arts is to augment one’s sensitivity to the surrounding psychic energies, this increasing the propensity for attracting unwanted entities.

Three specific Psychic Protection Techniques are quite common and popular within the basic protection method, these including:

Ball of Light:

this has to be the simplest of psychic protections; it is basically a psychic shield. Its execution involves visualizing a white light which is commonly believed to be sourced from the universal consciousness.

This white light representing protection from the highest power, one pours love into the bright ball while trying to sense the protection it offers as well as its warmth, this happening as the ball of light approaches.

One allows it to envelop them from all directions, making certain to immerse themselves with its powerful embrace and the loving energy of the universe within it.

Utilizing this technique requires visualizing this ball for at least a minute; it should offer protection from negative entities which will most likely flow over it, leaving your physical and psychic being untouched.

Fire within:

this is a pretty impressive Psychic Protection Technique especially for those in need of powerful protection. To initiate it, one must stand erect, take a deep breath and visualize a small burning flame within their third chakra eye, situated between the brows.

One shouldn’t be afraid to focus upon this flame as it will cause no harm; visualize it spreading all over your body, from head to chest, legs and abdomen as it grows larger, making certain that it burns intensely.

If executed right, the flame should get larger whenever one exhales, considered complete once it engulfs a two foot space in all directions. This loving flamed of protection will repel all negative elements that attempt to approach, burning them down mercilessly.

Rain and Lightening:

Executing this technique starts with finding a comfortable posture; once relaxed, visualize rain drops descending upon you from all directions, forming a 2 feet radius of protection, never touching you but forming a spherical shield of protection.

The more raindrops that are attracted to the shield, the better; and once satisfied with its density, visualize a lightning bolt touching this shield, causing electrocution within the field of water, sparks flying in all directions.

This sparks are of great power and intensity, shooting in all directions; hold this image in your mind for about two minutes, keeping in mind that that the rain and lightning will protect you from negative elements rather than cause harm.

It is possible to use a combination of all these psychic protection techniques to achieve maximum effect. And the efficacy of all these techniques will depend on how effectively you cleanse your aura of all negative elements before initiating the protection. There is no point putting up a shield when the enemy is already inside.

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