5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Fight Psychic Warfare

If you are fighting psychic warfare you need not doubt the fact that you are in the fight of your life. What you need to do is to get the right weaponry to fight this epic battle; the weapons of choice however are not material in nature, nay.

The weapons of your war are spiritual in nature. The question that the discerning reader could be asking at this point is this: Just how do spiritual weapons look like? Well, spiritual weapons come in an assortment of shapes and designs and the article will give you a snippet of just how they look like, here goes.


A stronghold is a spiritual trap that manifests itself with wrong or destructive thinking patterns. These thinking patterns are ingrained in our psyche by a comment that was made by an authority figure when we were children – something like a parent telling a child that they will never amount to much. The best way to deal with this is to reverse this wrong way at perceiving reality. Visit a psychologist to vent it all out;


The second way that you could be in psychic warfare is when you are subject to some one’s possession. Generally possession might occur in two ways- you might have opened a portal for some unclean spirit to reside in your body or someone might have cast a spell upon you. There are two ways to deal with this- foremost you need to renounce any unclean living and thus disposes the spirit the right it has to posses you and secondly visit a church and ask for a deliverance prayer;

Generational curses

The third manifestation of you being under psychic warfare could be if there is a generational curse in ones’ family. Incidences of destructive habits such as alcoholism and poverty passed on from one generation to the next. The trick when dealing with this sort of incident is to ensure that you break destructive cycles within the family unit and better still to have a long and hard talk to sort out some area of dysfunction in the family. It might be painful but it will be worth your while;


A hex is simply defined as someone casting a spell on you. The only way to ensure that you do not succumb to a spell is to be under the protection of a higher power. The higher power in this case could be seeking a more potent spell(sic) to cover your or better still seeking the protection that only God Almighty can provide;


The last manifestation of psychic warfare could be attributed to deception. This deception could be self deception or deception by some instrument of the society – for instance religion has been used by ruling elites in ages gone by to make citizens subservient. The way out of a situation like this is to ensure that you verify every information that your mind might be forced to process from whatever quarter.

Question, question, then question again. Do not just take things at face value! This is how you fight psychic warfare.

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