Don’t Ignore These Psychic Protection For Beginners Tips

People with psychic advancements, deal with negativity at a higher level. To elude the negativity, stress on psychic protection for beginners has become a necessity. Certain energies hover around us in the environment, specific objects, and places or even in some particular person. For instance, “that guy gives me creeps”, “you can cut the atmosphere in there with a knife”; these are some phrases we speak out regularly but they actually comprise a deeper and unfeigned essence.

The said energies can be negative as well as positive. All of us deal with some negativity in one way or the other. Negativity can be in form of jealousy, anger, stress, sad incidents etc. To avoid the negativity around us and to keep progressing as a psychic, some specific protection rules and tricks exist.

Basic Self-Defense and Psychic Protection For Beginners


The basic concept of Psychic revolves around visualization. Light is considered to depict safety and purity from ages. The trick is to add them together. Imagine yourself surrounded in the expanse of white light. Alternatively, visualize yourself under as an angel with white light radiating from within. The affect will be instantaneous. Peace and a feeling of being protected surge throughout the body.

Blue Shield:

The blue color usually depicts the aura and will power of a person. The blue shield is not as popular as the white light. However, it works wonder. Imagine yourself in a blue shield or a blue bubble safeguarding and deflecting all the negativity away from you and salvaging you through your own willpower.


Imagine yourself in a place full of mirrors and white light all around. Try to visualize these mirrors in an outward position to direct negativity away from the self.


Body posture matters a lot in psychic feelings. The energy deportation points of our bodies are generally hands and legs. Sitting crossed legs with crossed hands is a very secure position. Whenever a person is radiating their negativity on you, sit in this position and the affect of their cynical presence will wane away.


Salt is another very popular stuff to fill you with positivity. Salt is said to absorb the negative vibes and energies. Sea salt or pure salt works well in this method, not iodized salt. Salt can be used in various ways.

  • Sprinkle salt in a glass of water and put it in that room, where most of the people sit. The saltwater will absorb all the negativity from all. You have to change it occasionally or after any argument.
  • When you feel exceptionally stressed out, you can add some pure salt in your bath water. This will calm down your nerves and soothe out all the negativity from you.
  • Spray some saltwater in the area where you feel the atmosphere is dampened and glum. This will make the place airy and wispy again.


Just kneel before your God, fold your hands and pray with a clean dedicated heart. You will feel better, guarded and positive in no time.

Embrace these psychic protections for beginners with an open mind and you will see a difference around yourself promptly.

These Psychic Protection For Beginners Tips may not be sufficient depending on who or what you are defending yourself against. Please contact an experienced psychic if you are unable to find a solution.

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