Best Free Psychic Medium Test You Can Do Right Now

It is a well known fact that everyone is born with some amount of extra sensory perception or ESP. As we advance in life much of this quality gets deeply buried inside our own self due to sheer ignorance about it. A psychic medium test is the best way to learn if you have qualities enough to foresee events in your own life and others with sufficient accuracy. There are many simple tools available nowadays, online or off it, that may assist you in your endeavor. Be prepared to learn more about yourself!

Experiment 1:

What do you know about this man / woman?

Request one of your friends or family members to supply you with a photograph of someone unknown to you. Concentrate deeply for few minutes and clear your mind. Then have a good look at the photograph. What information about the ‘unknown face’ is being revealed to you?

Take a note of everything that passes through your mind about this person, including his or her character, profession, past events, geographical location and so on. I

Inquire about the person from the one who supplied you with the photograph or by surfing the net if information of that person is available online to match your results. If you have managed to be correct at least on sixty percent of the pointers on first attempt then you have considerable psychic abilities.

Experiment 2:

What is she holding in her hand?

Request one of your friends to sit with a tarot deck or ordinary playing cards in a different room closer to yours and ask her to raise one card at a time randomly. Check if you can ‘see’ which cards were shown by her sitting in the other room in your mind’s eye. Seems to be a child’s play but works remarkably well in identifying your latent force.

Zener Cards – Designed by Karl Zener and used by parapsychologist J B Rhine, this deck includes five cards with very basic symbols. You need another person to shuffle the cards and pull one (without you seeing it) before you can say which card has he pulled from the deck.

Experiment 3:

Observe Your Interaction with Others

Pay close attention to how you feel in close proximity with another human being or even an object. Do you feel any stir in your energy field? Do you ever see a faint light emitting from other’s bodies or even around some articles like crystals etc? Have you observed what color the light was and what was feeling on viewing it?

Experiment 4:

Take Note of Your Dreams

All our dreams are symbolic interpretations of our conscious experiences but if you have special abilities your dreams will be particularly lucid. Many also report out of body experiences which is a sign of their heightened psychic abilities.
Experiment 5:

Online Tools

Several online tools and quizzes are also available for checking special psychic abilities. These may be utilized at initial phases but do remember you would require connecting at a spiritual level to be a good psychic.
While any one of these psychic medium tests may reveal to you your own capabilities, but do not forget that, just like any other thing in life developing your skills will require dedication, daily practice and meditation for due effectiveness.

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