Which Is The Best Extrasensory Abilities Test

An Extrasensory Abilities Test, may be interpreted as the clairvoyance test. This is test done to determine whether or not someone has any extrasensory capabilities and can foretell the an action before it actually happens..

There are various tests for this purpose ranging from guessing symbols on cards and attempting to read peoples minds. In some cases, these games may be amusement. Some of these tests are occasionally used for experiments. Some experts in conducting these tests say that sometimes the test results surprise even scientists who do not believe in them. Such results arouse interest, skepticism and controversy in these tests. There are those who believe in the tests beyond doubt and others who are quite skeptical.

Zener cards

One of the most common test is by use of Zener cards. This test tries to determine an individual’s ability to guess symbols in a deck of cards. The use of cards was invented by Joseph Banks Rhine when he started investigation of the existence of telepathy. He used 25 cards divided into 5 and asked his assistants to try to guess. Zener cards are the most popular choice in these tests and can also be used to test a person’s ability to send psychic images to another, and sometimes they are used to test an individual’s ability to perceive beyond the normal human senses. Zener cards have been made specifically for this purposes.

The pack of Zener cards contains 25 cards that consist of 5 cards of each symbol. The symbols are a Greek cross, a hollow square, a hollow circle, a three vertical waves a five pointed star. As part of the test, the cards are shuffled. The cards are then given to the person being tested and the person is required to determine which of the five designs the cards contain.

Outcomes of the test

The results of the test are valuated as follows based on the number of correct guesses.

If the subject scores 0-5, they are unlikely to have extra sensory perception.

If the subject manages 10-20, chances are, there could be a strong indicator of the possession of psychic powers.

And those who score 20+ out of 25, are believed to posses strong ESP and have telepathic abilities. The EAT test using Zener cards can be used to test for the existence of telepathic abilities. The test involves trying to identify which of four possible symbols has been pre-selected for you from the deck.


Extrasensory Abilities Test is done to determine the ability of an individual to acquire knowledge without the use of the five known senses. These tests can be done on anyone. The tests can determine if one is psychic or not. It is not used as a determinant for clairvoyance, but with a large degree of probability, can be used to reveal the unseen possibilities of your own self, inborn capacity for clairvoyance. The results of the test can be used to develop into a usable clairvoyance ability. One can use their powers of telepathy or clairvoyance and male a living out of it.

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