Considering A Relationship With A Cancer?

Emotions, emotions, emotions are what rule the life of the Cancer horoscope sign, and because of this Cancers are frequently misunderstood.  Considered by many to be the most compassionate and caring of all the zodiac signs, Cancers still must deal with their own personal struggles such as they’re over sensitivity. 

In their effort to strive for a happy life and ultimate peace of mind, they are frequently buffeted by the overflowing of their own emotions, manifesting in the form of them being very moody creatures and sometimes appearing to be intolerant of others.  People frequently make the mistake of thinking that this very nurturing sign is impatient, but in reality there so overwrought with their own emotion that it translates into impatience; creating more problems for them that they really did not bargain for.

Being the very nurturing creatures that they are they really have everyone’s best interests at heart and they really want everyone to be happy and satisfied; unfortunately this earnest and heartfelt desire is sometimes cloaked in the emotions that they are sometimes incapable of controlling.

The Cancer horoscope

To the Cancer horoscope sign’s credit they tend to not have a great deal of friends.  This is sad because as friends go Cancers make some of the best friend’s in the world, but because controlling their emotions is such a challenge for them; for the Cancer to have a multitude of friends could very well send them to the crazy house for the vast and enormous sea of runaway emotions they would have to deal with.  People see the Cancer sign as a mystery, even an enigma.  Your great sensitivity makes it a challenge for you to open yourself up enough to trust and to really let others into your life.  You are concerned that these people will hurt you terribly.

The Cancer horoscope

For this reason your very slow to make friends if you make them at all;  if they can traverse the obstacle course that one must travel in order to become a full-fledged friend of yours, which can be quite daunting to the average person.  You tend to put forth every effort to avoid any and all the emotional trauma because you seem to feel it at a higher frequency than others of the horoscope; so you consider this behavior a preemptive measure for the purposes of minimizing your emotional pain and suffering as much as humanly possible.

Fortunately this emotional Security System established by you can cause you to miss out on some really rich and rewarding relationships and life experiences. Therefore the Cancer horoscope is more likely to live a life of quiet desperation than many other zodiac sign.

The Cancer zodiac sign

For the Cancer zodiac sign, it is not a bad ideal for them to practice some sort of faith or spirituality. It can somehow balance out the paranoia of their emotions being severely hurt if some sort of higher power is looking out for their best interest. These Cancers possess the greatest probability of living a more fuller a rewarding life; rich with the relationships and life experiences that can come with just trusting and believing in the end all things work out for their good.

Most Cancers, who do not seem to be able to embrace this, live in a manner in which life becomes all about Cancer’s, and their feelings and emotions staying intact.  Because these people are such nurturing soles, if they can ever push past there phobia of being emotionally devastated by some unforeseen event or person, life can be extraordinarily rich and rewarding for them because they tend to be such givers.  If you’re a student of Karma you already understand that with the Cancer’s unfettered ability to give and share, opens them up for vast and enormous opportunities to receive in return much of the love, caring and compassion that they can so generously bestow on others.

One of the most profound of all Cancer traits is their ability to care truly and deeply for their fellow human beings.  Cancers are probably one of the most empathetic of all of the zodiac signs with a keen ability to experience another person’s pain and disappointment as if they were their own.  Some people may find this gesture of yours to be insincere, which multiplies the empathetic hurt for you, but you must soldier through it knowing that all of us have shortcomings and at some point in our human existence we must arrive at a place where we can immediately forgive people for how they misunderstand us.

With all the hurt and pain this zodiac sign has the capacity to process, constantly remind yourself that life is not all about Cancers, but rather about all of us together operating day by day for the greater good of all.  This higher level of selflessness is instrumental to the Cancer sign finding the courage to extend beyond their own fear and trepidations of hurt feelings, and to begin to practice living a life of courage, and greater emotional fulfillment.

In your personal relationships your particular zodiac sign must be mindful to practice verbal communications with the people that you care about.  Cancers tend to be so guarded that they are in the habit of thinking that they are showing you that they care, but in reality the other party is not picking up the signal.  In reality most of humanity is auditory, meaning that most people here what you are thinking and feeling rather than you attempting to show them this by whatever manner you tend to do so.

Should get in the habit of practicing speaking to others exactly how you feel about them or what you are thinking about them.  One small step can go a long way to creating a stronger and more vibrant personal relationship for you whether it be a one on one love relationship or whether it be family or friends.  The world would be a more ideal place for you if everyone could read minds; unfortunately this seems to be an ability that the vast majority of people do not practice on a regular basis, so do yourself a favor as a Cancer and never ever bank on another person reading your mind or “just knowing” in some romanticized Hollywood way.  In real life things just don’t work out like this; people need to know from your mouth and your heart just where you stand.

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