Cancer Horoscope Sign Traits

Cancer Horoscope Sign Traits

Cancer (JUN 21 – JUL 22) is the fourth sign of the astrological zodiac and is symbolized by the crab. This is considered one of the four cardinal signs and is also a water sign, which is ruled by the moon. Anyone born between about June 21st and July 21st is considered a Cancer and will likely have many of the Cancer horoscope traits. Cancers may also be influenced by the sun more than many other signs because the sun enters Cancer on the moment of the summer solstice.

Cancers are most compatible with other people who are under water signs, which are Scorpio and Pisces. They will also get along well with members of the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. To a lesser extent, Aries and Libra are considered to be semi-compatible with Cancer, since they have the same Cardinal qualities. As with any sign, however, it is possible for anyone of any sign to have a great relationship with a Cancer as long as they are able to work with the strengths and weaknesses of each other’s horoscope traits.

Some common Cancer characteristics are that they are going to be most comfortable on their home turf, meaning they prefer either staying home or going out to regular places which they visit often. Many Cancers enjoy hosting parties at their homes and truly embodying the role of the host. They are eager to ensure everyone has a good time and is comfortable. While they enjoy the social interaction of having a party they might not be comfortable attending social engagements in locations which they’ve never been before.

Another common Cancer horoscope

Another common Cancer horoscope trait is that they can be quite emotional. If you are in a romantic relationship with a Cancer, it’s important to keep this in mind and learn how to best work within those emotions. When a Cancer is having a bad day, it is often best to just let them work through it without trying to interfere. When they are in a bad emotional place, they are very likely to lash out at people even if they are trying to help. They may say hurtful comments or have other reactions which may be considered grumpy. For the Cancer themselves, it is key to recognize when you are in a negative emotional place and try to find ways to snap out of it. For some people, it is best to avoid other people when in this state so you can avoid damaging relationships with others.

On a positive note, a Cancer horoscope characteristic which many people love is that they are able to adapt to new situations quite quickly and they are able to look past things that were bothering them once they snap out of a bad mood. They have a wonderful sence of humor and often laugh at gags or pranks which others may find absurd. Some people consider people born under the Cancer zodiac sign to be dreamers and at times even scatter brained. They may have difficulty focusing on one task at a time.

Relationships with Cancers

Relationships with Cancers, romantic or just friendships, can be very fruitful and fun. For anyone considering a serious long term relationship with a Cancer, it is important to remember that you will need to be the emotionally strong and stable person in the relationship. People with the Cancer zodiac sign are often very up and down with their emotions so it’s hard for them to keep their cool in all situations. Having someone who is more even tempered would be a great complement for a Cancer in a long term relationship.

For a more casual friendship, Cancers can be great fun. They will be happy to help take on the responsibility of planning an event, though they will typically choose one of only a few places which they have become comfortable with to host every event. If you want them to branch out and try new things, that may be more difficult. If you do convince them to try some new places a couple times though, it is possible that they will become comfortable with it and add it to their list of locations they like. Their dreamy mind set can lead to some fun and exciting experiences, especially if you are going on vacation. People with the Cancer horoscope sign are very likely to want to move from one thing to another quickly, so while this can be very fun and exciting for a while, some people might get burned out and find they need a break. Sometimes it’s best to take a little time away from a Cancer to recharge your emotional batteries, so to speak.

When working with a Cancer, it is important to find ways to keep them on task. Their tendency to want to move around from task to task can be beneficial in some careers, but in others it can cause great difficulty. If you have a Cancer working for you, it may be best to give them small assignments which can be quickly completed so they can move on to a new thing to hold their interest. When this is not possible, a Cancer may want to take frequent brief breaks from their work to reset their mind. This can be anything from a quick walk around the office to taking a moment to look out the office window. Working with the Cancer to find what works best is an important task whenever a new Cancer employee begins. Once the right position is found the Cancer horoscope traits can be a big benefit in the work place.

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