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The toughest thing to find is a person who knows exactly what we need. Even with the monumental Internet you may have difficulty in finding the right kind of person to offer you a solution to your problems, the right kind of person to teach you things and to give you ideas. Kasamba is a live person company that offers to end this problem. This is a site based on our current needs of the day and offers us the opportunity to find experts to offer us solutions and to discuss our issues. With over 30,000 trusted experts and the list constantly increasing, the probability of finding the right person for your issues is very high.

The first consultation is free of cost and you can have a live conversation with an expert on your subject around the world. The site offers us to converse with an expert or to contact them via mail or phone after a certain down payment.

All of us have found the need to ask several questions to experts at times but forget to do so or ignore to do so due to lack of time and lack of availability of such experts. Sometimes we find it difficult to directly pose a few questions to anyone directly and we will have even greater doubts to ask those people whom we know very well. Not anymore, for this site offers the solution to all these public issues where you can consult with an expert without revealing yourself and also be satisfied that it is an expert who has offered the solution rather than a computer generated result. The minute you feel a question you can always login to this site and pose your question. The site offers solutions at extremely fast speed and that too by experts.

The wonderful thing about this site is the massive list of specialties they have to offer ranging from shopping, style, computers, programming, health care, medicine, professional counseling, coaching, personal development, arts, creative science, religion, spirituality, education, tutoring, business, finance, legal services, automobiles, motoring, gambling, games, travel, pets and fitness to name a few. If you think this list is massive then you are in for a bigger surprise as this list covers only the broad category and that too to a limited field only. Kasamba is the place for expert advice online, with thousands of experts in over 600 categories.

Kasamba offers experts in each and every individual fields sub category. From experts on java to experts on tulips the spectrum of people available for interaction is truly stunning. The experts are available all the time for interaction and the site works on charge per hour principle. Each individual expert has his or her own consultation rates and here it is the choice of the individual to choose which expert is best suited for their need. The need in terms of low price or high quality is the reader’s discrimination.

The cost of counseling, ranges from 17 cents to about 10$ per minute. There are several experts available for the same topics and so it is wise to go through the profile of each of the expert and also the price and decide upon the one who suits your need. Becoming a member of Kasamba is quiet simple and straightforward and has quiet a few uses as it helps us keep track of the people we have consulted and often gives us updates and newer developments. To ensure both Clients and Experts with the best service possible on their site, and to facilitate communication among Clients and Experts, Kasamba provides email addresses to Clients and Experts only under specific circumstances, including but not necessarily limited to participants involved in disputed and unpaid transactions.

From the field of view of a person who wishes to earn money online for their credentials, Kasamba offers the correct platform of exposure. As a developing site it offers promising futures for young minds that wish to offer their expertise across the globe. All the required facilities to enable you to consult with the client is offered by the site and it just becomes a matter of being available whenever you are checking your mail or just surfing the net.

Kasamba chooses people with credentials and any certificates, proof of expertise on your field will help you in getting known better. Every person has the rights to demand the credentials of the expert and they are responsible to prove to you their credentials after agreeing to their consultation fee on proof. Each expert is given a profile and they can exhibit their credentials talents, expertise and specialties through this. In an experts profile you may also find reviews of previous users, which can help you in choosing the right kind of expert. If you feel satisfied by an expert you may also give your review and the same can be done if you are not satisfied also.

The site strictly monitors the credentials and reliability of the experts and any expert who is not satisfactory ay be reported. By having a user membership in Kasamba you can keep a track of your favorite experts and you may also recommend a favorite expert to a friend. It is a safe spot to register as they have high privacy security and the experts as well as members details are limited and restricted as needed. For experts there are several facilities where if you are using your personal computer then it only becomes a matter of selecting the option where you are always logged in to help you get better timing for counseling and also your IP address is stored to analyze trends, administer the site, track user’s movement, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. IP addresses are also linked to personally identifiable information in order to better the user’s experience when using their site. They may also retain any emails, letters, or other correspondence between you and Kasamba to ensure quality control and the best possible service.

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