Lucid Dreams and Creative Visualizations

Lucid dreams and creative visualizations go hand in hand. In fact there are some who believe that lucid dreams are creative visualizations, but the level of creative visualizations is deeper. Lucid dreams are, basically, dreams in which you realize that you are dreaming.

Creative visualization is more of a deep daydream—a process through which you try to change a situation by using the power of your thoughts. Creative visualization is a “new age” term that is applied to the intense focus given to a goal desired by the Visualizer, who attempts to achieve it by way of mantras, affirmations, meditation, prayer, positive thinking or even casting spells.

Lucid dreams and creative visualizations go hand in hand because lucid dreams have often been used as a way for people to solve their problems. Creative visualization is visualizing a scene that you are a part of. This makes it different from regular day dreaming in which you are not the center of the scenario, but are merely watching it from a far away place.

Lucid dreaming is, in effect, conscious dreaming. By using some studied techniques, it is possible for a person to consciously enter a dream state from a wakeful state. The body itself might be sleeping but the mind is wide awake and is aware that it is in control. During these dreams a person might decide to act out scenarios they are having problems with in real life.

If they have a relationship that is suffering, they might decide to have a conversation with the other party or parties in that relationship to figure out their part in the relationship going sour.

Lucid dreaming and creative visualizations are both ways for a person to work through issues they are having and to seek answers to questions that they have not been able to answer while they are awake. Lucid dreaming is often thought to be more vivid than creative visualization and often the dreamer is able to have very real interactions with people and situations that they might not be able to have during a creative visualization.

Creative visualization is a great way to focus your mind and your emotions on a topic and figure out exactly how you feel and what you think about the topic. It is often used to mentally reenact a situation to figure out why a person is having difficulties accepting it. It is also used as a psychological tool to help people figure out their relationships with others. Often, creative visualization is used as a way for a person to attempt to change the feelings within him or herself.

Lucid dreaming and creative visualizations are both fantastic techniques for figuring out what a person thinks or feels about a situation. While creative visualization is often used in an effort to change things, both inside and outside of the person, lucid dreaming is often used as a technique for relieving the stress of a situation. It is more about the internal than the external.

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