Things To Do in a Lucid Dream

Lucid dreams are dreams in which, at some point, you realize you are dreaming. People love having lucid dreams because they can help them process problems they are having in their waking hours.

Many people find that, after some practice, they can control the happenings of their lucid dreams and enjoy a freedom that they do not have during their waking hours. When people are awake they can’t cartwheel over a skyscraper or fly (at least, not without the help of an airplane or helicopter) but in their dreams they can! There are plenty of things to do in a lucid dream that you might not be able to do while you are awake.

Things to do in a lucid dream:

Be the Puppet Master! If you can control the actions and situations of your dreams, do it! Your dream world is the only place that you can try out actions or words and not have to worry about the impact they will have on your every day (awake) life. If you’ve been crushing on someone, have them appear in your dream and admit your feelings to them. If something starts to go awry, simply change the situation or—if it is becoming too much for you to handle, just wake up!

Perform Super Human Actions

Fly! Run up the side of a building! Jump out of that fifty story window and then jump back up off the sidewalk below. Do those cheerleading moves you’ve seen on television but know would break your leg if you attempted them while you are awake. Enjoy the freedom and try the things you have always wanted to try but haven’t ever had the courage.

See Your Loved Ones

A lucid dream is a wonderful place to have a conversation with a friend who lives far away from you or with a loved one who has passed away. Of course, the words they say are coming from your own subconscious mind, but spending some time—even if it is only in a dream—can be very comforting and can be a very good experience.

Pay Attention

Instead of trying to control the situations in your dream, play out what is already happening, but pay attention to everything that is happening. Many people believe that dreams are the way of the subconscious working through issues you are facing in real life. Were there symbols in your dream that might be significant to your waking life? Was your dream giving you an answer to a question you’ve been asking or was it giving you a decision you’ve been having trouble making?

Lucid dreams are a wonderful experience for many people and they can be quite addicting—once you’ve had one, you find yourself wanting more! These were just a few suggestions of things to do in a lucid dream. You will probably think of even more things to do in a lucid dream by the next time you have one.

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