Top 3 Psychic Readings Examples That Will Blow You Away

According to a leading spiritual expert all human beings essentially desire to have mastery over four things:

To understand their purpose, to define their identity, to be accepted and to have some security. All four are legitimate concerns and the man who attains mastery over all four can truly say that he is in charge of the ship that is his life.

There are a number of ways that person(s) who want to have mastery of these issues can go about the entire process; one such process is via the process of psychic reading.

Although there are many people who have doubts on the efficacy of psychic reading what is obvious is that there are proven cases where staring into a crystal has actually worked, this article will list three psychic reading examples:

Case 1

The first case has its roots right in the Bible. You have to understand that in the bible this practice was actually a route to the gallows. The person who successfully pulled this off was a witch who had been visited by an Israelite king. The name of the witch is not given but the king is the 1st king of Israel – Saul. The witch basically told him he would be dead the next day courtesy of battle and true to her word, less than 24 hours later the king had joined the dead.

Case 2

The second case of an instance when psychic reading has been demonstrated to work was in the life of one famous man – Cornelius Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt was one of the richest men in his time –in fact the richest American in the 18th century. One day he went for psychic reading and he received a startling revelation – he was about to enter a personal challenge that would shake his life. In under a year Vanderbilt had received a challenge on his monopolistic hold of power and was no longer top dog in the railway world. He basically rose from the ashes again but the power of crystal gazing was astounding.

Case 3

The third case of crystal gazing changed a nation. This involved an African nation and a great King. The nation was South Africa; the king in question was one of Africa’s greatest icons – Chaka Zulu. It is said that prior to ascending to the throne some witch actually told him that he would rule the entire length and breathe of Southern Africa. It is believed that this is what fired Chaka in his quest to live up to the prophecy.

The article could go on and on to basically list the instances when psychic reading actually changed the world as we know it; there are several people who might even give personal testimonies of how their world was changed by having their future looked into.

Although there are several people who might argue that this kind of thing borders on junk science what is indisputable is that cases abound where case upon case can be listed on psychic reading examples. Ponder over these facts and ask the hard questions on matters life.

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