How To Become A Psychic Reader With These Pointers

Here’s a step by step guide on how to attune to spirits, vibrations and the universal energies:

Top 10 Steps On How To Become A Psychic Reader

1. Figure out whether you have The Gift

If the answer is no, then you can’t turn into a psychic reader. Buy a dream book and examine your dreams; in the event that you oftentimes dream about deceased people, ghosts, water or the occult, then you may possess the gift. Visit a haunted location and see if you can talk try with ghosts.

2 Acquire skills on foretelling the future

Tarot cards, Norse runes, angel guidance cards and astrology are all great means to predict the future and give answers. Rehearse on yourself first; immerse yourself totally on the preferred technique then find a willing individual to hone your skills on.

3. Tune in to the universe vibrations

This is potentially the most difficult step. The most ideal approach is via meditation. Sit on a field at twilight or dark room and focus wholly on your own spirit. At that point, listen to your general surroundings, ponder about people and whisper or think : some place on the planet , somebody is continuously tormented , some place on the planet, somebody is dying , some place on the planet, somebody is getting hitched, somebody will traverse, somebody will stay, somebody is passing on. Rehash this each night until you are unified with the universe, both in dreams and awake.

4. This sounds weird, however you will require an animal assistant

The creature will be your absolute best companion, and will help you to clear your work environment of negative vitality, and will tell you when there are awful spirits around. The best creatures for this are felines, snakes and birds. It is critical that the creature is picked for this reason, and that you create an extremely solid bond with it before acquainting your new assistant with your otherworldly work environment.

5. Memorize all the chakras by heart as well as the affiliate crystals and colors

Knowledge in chakras will help you master the crystal healing. In the event that you know the chakras and figure out how to translate their energies, you can figure out how to mend somebody’s soul.

6. Learn how to heal via crystals

Get skill on crystals and their associate healing abilities. Purchase crystal stones. The best ones for basics are the following seven crystals , amethyst , red jasper, yellow citrine , adventurine , carnelian , sodalite, and quartz. The other great gems are rose quartz, banded agate, amazonite and hematite.

7. Learn how to interpret dreams

This is so natural, In the process of gathering knowledge; you could use a book to read people’s dreams. This way, you won’t appear pompous. However, it’s still wise to memorize the dreams by heart. It will instill confidence in clients.

8 Familiarize yourself with the world’s major religions

Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism. Despite of the fact that it’s not a traditional religion in the sense of the word. This will raise your awareness level and knowledge in current world affairs. On the off chance that you have emulated the steps this far, your knowledge on universal energies, spirits and techniques in divining the future will help you understand the religions stories and fables.

9. Set up your working environment for the clients

It ought to be reassuring, warm and with a certain mysterious feel to it, to prove people you aren’t a con. You ought to have enough space for diverse services. Windowsill area for crystal healing and chakra therapy, angel cards or tarot cards, a table by a serene corner for Norse runes. This being a reception place, an area for all full range of services that you offer and a bookshelf for your spiritual book library. Different books to have on presentation such as (Paradise Lost) by Milton, (Divine Comedy) by Dante and of course the Holy books of well known religions and several poetry collections.

10. Lastly, Keep the windows and the curtains closed unless there’s a full moon

This will prevent negative energy from coming in, and the work environment ought to be kept serene and divine .Keep in mind, the energies will mix up on the off chance that you conduct astrology and read runes, for instance, at the same table. Have diverse areas for each one administration. Likewise, don’t lay the runes or cards on the uncovered table, lay them on a fabric. Satin and silk and richly embroidered cotton are really great.

It worth mentioning that mind set is vital in learning how to become a psychic reader. The more genuine you are ,the quicker you will hone your capacity to deliver readings. If you are dedicated, you will perfect the art.

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