Types of Dreams

We have dreams every night even if we don’t remember them the next day when we wake up in the morning. Sometimes we can even let our mind wander into a dream when we are awake. There are actually seven different types of dreams. So what are the different types of dreams and what are the differences that make them unique?

The first kind of dreaming that we do is very popular with children and adults when we get bored. We have all daydreamed at some point in our day. In fact, many studies have been done to see exactly how much we actually daydream throughout the day. The studies show that we normally daydream between an hour and two hours a day. A daydream is when we allow our minds to wander, letting them carry us into a dream world.

Everyone has had those dreams where they think that they are awake but, they are really not awake at all. These are called false awakening dreams and they can be quite real. In a dream, our brains can replicate everything that we have experienced in our lives which can make for a potent experience. We can live out entire days in this dream world and then awake to find out that it was just a dream.


Nightmares are one of the most disturbing dreams that you can ever have. You will wake up clutching the sheets that are soaked in sweet. Nightmares could either be completely fictional or caused by some kind of trauma. Nightmares that have a regular appearance in your week are considered to be abnormal. This is normally do to either a family history of psychological problems, have a troubled relationship, a bad reaction to drugs that they are taking, or have experienced some horrible trauma in their lifetimes. Nightmares are normally caused by an unresolved problem in your life that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you to resolve.

Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are one of the most sought after dreams that we can have. People spend countless hours perfecting this skill. Lucid dreams occur when we realize that we are dreaming which then gives us the control to co-create our dream which is different from when we dream. Many people will wake up as soon as they find out that they are having a lucid dream which is why it takes practice to actually lucid dream without waking up.

Recurring dreams

Recurring Dreams are dreams that we seem to have for several nights in a row. There are very few differences from day to day that you have these dreams. Most of the recurring dreams that people have are nightmares. They are normally caused by problems that have not been resolved.

Predictive dreams

Predictive dreams normally have real events that have not happened. They give us a glimpse of what our futures will hold. Theses dreams are rare to have and no one knows what causes them to happen. Most dreams that hold promises of our future will typically foretell an accident or some kind of disaster. People have been trying to explain these dreams for centuries. They have been referred to as visions since they hold information about the future.

Prophetic dreams

Very similar to predictive dreams, prophetic dreams are on a grand scale. Since we do not understand much about prophetic dreams, it is still widely believed that the person having these dreams maybe a psychic. Some people believe that our subconscious analyzes every piece of information that it comes across which is why we have these dreams. It is said that we can only understand between ten and fifteen percent of the information that enters the brain. These dreams seem to be prophetic but if we were able to take in the full hundred percent of what we experience, we might actually be able to predict the future ourselves.

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