What do dreams mean?

Dreams are the gateway to our hopes and fears. Have you ever had a dream that was so inspiring it drove you to be happier for days after you had that dream? What about those terrible dreams those wake us up in the middle of the night? Dreams have more influence on what we do, who we are, and who we will be than we give them credit for. So what do dreams mean?

Dreaming is typically the way that our unconscious selves communicate with us. Since modern day society is so fast paced and crazy, we rarely give our unconscious selves the time that it needs to help us solve life’s problems and encourage us to stay on our path. Many of the leading psychologists both past and present are still fascinated by the world that our dreams take us to.

It is important to remember that each dream is just as unique as the person who dreams it. Even if you and a friend of yours have had the same dream, it is very rare that it means the same thing. Unfortunately, there is not a universal standard to decode everyone’s dreams. The dream is very specific to the person that dreamt it. Every little detail has a very specific meaning that can change the entire meaning of the dream itself. A perfect example of this is that you may have a dream for years about the perfect man. You could search the world for him and end up missing him completely because you did not pay attention to the smaller details. This is one of the reasons that it can take years before you can properly decode your dreams and only you can decode them. You remember the pieces of the puzzle and you are the only one that will know if you have concluded the right meaning.

The most important part of discovering what your dream means is to remember that the dream has some kind of direct source from your life. Maybe you have been frustrated at work because your boss is not giving you the credit that you feel you deserve. Maybe you have been in what seems to be the perfect relationship but you just feel empty. Your dreams can give you the answers that you are looking for but you have to remember that you may not be happy with what they are telling you to do.

Some dreams have specific details that are based on the dreamer’s religion. This is common because if you look back through history, you can find that many of the prophets in every single religion have been influenced during their dreaming state. Dreams can also be memories that we have long forgotten that, for whatever the reason, we feel that we need to relive. This could also be a memory of a dream that we have had when we were children. The only way to find out what your dreams mean is to take the time to decipher them yourself. You will be amazed at what you will find.

The 5 major characteristics of dreams

Many artists, philosophers, writers and researchers are fascinated by dreams and gain inspiration from them. However, not until quite recently, dreams have become the subject of many different studies. Researchers have identified 5 major characteristics of dreams that are common in every individual:

  1. Dreams reflect intense emotions
  2. Dreams are typically illogical and not properly organized
  3. Odd occurrences in dreams are not questioned by dreamers because they are considered natural
  4. Dreams are not easy to recall
  5. People experience strange sensations while dreaming

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