History of Psychic Readings

Psychics and psychic readings have been around for centuries. Readings have come in the form of the Tarot, premonitions, clairvoyance, mediums who communicate with the dead, and an assortment of other methods. The first well known psychic was a man by the name of Michel de Nostradame or, as he is known today, Nostradamus. He was also a physician. While he was growing up, he spent a lot of time learning languages, astronomy, and astrology from his grandfather. Following a personal tragedy when he was an adult, Nostradamus spent six years traveling through Italy and France before deciding to settle down in

France and began his career as a psychic. His predictions are still studied and followed even today.

Other well known accurate psychic readers throughout history include Scotsman Daniel Douglas Hume in the 1850s, Edgar Cayce who did his first psychic reading in 1901, and German psychic Erik Jan Hanussen, who was consulted by Adolf Hitler in 1932 regarding his own future. All of these psychics were known to be very accurate and were highly respected. Today, there are many psychics who have also proved their worth. Mediums John Edward, Sylvia Browne, and James van Praagh all are sought after for their abilities. Allison DuBois is also a renowned medium but tends to have the ability to see the future as well.

Science has also been a large part of the psychic scene over the years through the use of horoscope compatibility, astrology charts, astrology software, and a set of cards designed specifically to test the extra sensory perception, or ESP, abilities of people who claimed to have this gift.

Joseph Banks Rhine is considered to be the father of serious scientific research into the realm of the paranormal. He and his partner, Carl Zener, designed the cards that would be used to test the subjects in the 1930’s at Duke University. With the onset of the internet daily love horoscopes, free psychic readings, and astrology match sites are among the free psychic online readings available night or day.

Astrology predictions have been around as long as psychics, perhaps even longer. Astrological readings have been a part of the lives of many people reaching as far back into history as Babylon 1645 BC. This is the first evidence that it was seriously practiced.

The first horoscope dates back to 410 BC. It is easy to see that people have been guided by their stars for a very long time. United States First Lady Nancy Regan was concerned for her husband, President Ronald Regan. As a result of this concern, she met with an astrologer and began to plan her days based on their personal charts. She began this practice in March 1981 and followed this routine for the next seven years.

Psychics and psychic readings will always continue to be sought after as long as people are having doubts and problems in their lives. They need the reassurance that these readings can provide. The same can be said for astrological readings and horoscopes. Judging from history, people have a driving need to know what the future holds and will take measures to find that out.

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