Tarot Card Meanings – Wheel Of Fortune

Absolutely one of the most fascinating cards of the Major Arcana is the Wheel Of Fortune. However, this is another one of those cards that is often misinterpreted by not only those who aren’t familiar with the Tarot, but also by experts as well.

The truth is, the Wheel Of Fortune has nothing to do with wealth or good fortune. As a matter of fact, the wheel itself basically goes from bad to worse. This article will reveal the hidden meaning of this card in both its normal and reversed key so that there is no doubt in your mind what the Wheel Of Fortune means in a spread.

Might as well start out with the bad, because it only goes downhill from there. Yes, this is one card that I never want to see turn up in a spread. In its normal state, the wheel does its least amount of harm. It basically represents a bad situation that however does show hope on the horizon. This is a time for the subject to look for new opportunities as the ones at present aren’t doing very well to say the least. The card shows that a definite change is in order. Look around and see what’s available. The card also shows that the subject needs to adapt to different circumstances. As I like to say, when I get this card in a spread, there is only one way to go and that’s up.

In reverse, the Wheel Of Fortune indeed goes from bad to worse. In this case, everything is going wrong. As a matter of fact, if it can go wrong, it will. There is a tendency to be depressed and throw in the towel. In many cases, on over-inflated ego is what’s causing the problem. It’s important for the subject to analyze everything as carefully as possible. You have many forces working against you so no matter how hard you try, it seems you can’t find the solution. This is when it’s time to take a step back, evaluate the situation and think your way through it.

As I said, the Wheel Of Fortune is not a card I want to come up in a reading. Some say that it builds character. I can think of better ways to build character and I don’t need a Wheel Of Fortune to build it for me. If you see this card in a spread, especially in reverse key, it is important to tell the subject that they need to take stock of the situation and not let their emotions get to them.

With the proper attitude, there is a way out of this hole.

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