Introduction to Manifestation: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams

You may have heard of the concept of “Create Your Own Reality”, or “the Art of Deliberate Creation”.

This is more commonly called “Manifesting,” and it refers to the art of purposefully directing the astral forces of your psyche toward certain goals or desires, such that they come into being.

With an understanding of Manifestation teachings, you can summon your dream lover, your dream job, your dream bank account, your dream house—  your dream ANYTHING— into real physical being in your real, actual life!

Manifesting works by way of a Universal principle, called “the Law of Attraction”. It is defined as: “that which is like unto itself is drawn”. This means, whatever you give your attention to, you get more of.

It means that everything — EVERYTHING! — that you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, feel, notice, realize or in any other way experience, is something that you attracted into your life with the thoughts that you had been thinking and emotions you had been practicing.

In a very real way, from the largest events to the smallest and most seemingly insignificant details in your day-to-day, you create your reality!

  • Your job—
  • your spouse—
  • your bank account balance—
  • your body—
  • your relationships—
  • your home…

            … EVERYTHING that is in your life is a physical manifestation that matches a vibration that YOU have been emitting!  You personally designed every detail of the life you are living by way of the thoughts and feelings that you practiced the most, and your current thoughts and feelings are right now designing what is to come.

Your vibration is like a magnet, attracting people, situations, objects and experiences that are like itself. This process of attracting is happening 24/7 IN EVERY MOMENT.

We have a few common expressions which recount this law, like “birds of a feather flock together,” or, “when it rains, it pours”. The average person has experienced the truth of the idea that, energetically, “you get back what you put out”— but the average person doesn’t appreciate just how much power he has in putting this law to use.

Vibration and Momentum

Everything in this Universe is vibrational first. Thoughts and feelings are vibrations. 

Everything which is physically manifested first existed as a thought, idea or feeling, which was then focused upon for some period of time— either deliberately or unconsciously— such that momentum built up around it.

When enough energetic momentum has been established, the vibration attains physical mass and manifests in a way that we can apprehend in our physical world.

Momentum is a key concept for understanding how the Law of Attraction works. Momentum is power, and power is momentum.

What makes a career successful? Momentum.

What is the difference between a rich person and a poor person? Momentum.

What makes a deep and fulfilling relationship? Momentum.

Momentum is energy that has been focused and consistently directed over a sustained period of time. At first you have to deliberately focus to catalyze momentum; once it has been established, the energy sustains and perpetuates itself, gaining and maintaining speed without need of any deliberate interference, like a wheel rolling downhill.

The Power of Your Focus

But here’s the problem:

Your vibration is creating your life experience whether you are aware of what that vibration is—  or NOT!

Law of Attraction is such that you are replicating the vibration you are emitting whether you mean to — or NOT!

There are both positive and negative forces in the human psyche that are actively attracting… right now!

There is no such thing as “no” in a Law of Attraction-based Universe. There is no “Law of Repelling”; there is only Attracting. Whatever it is that you are focused upon— that is to say, whatever it is that you are establishing momentum around—you get more of, whether you are focused on it positively— or negatively!

If you are feeling fat, and you are focused upon how fat you feel, you will remain fat, no matter what you may do on the physical plane to change it.

If you are feeling poor, and you continue to activate the vibration of poverty with your attention to how bad it feels, then you are perpetuating momentum around “poverty” and summoning more experiences of poverty into your life.

We could almost say that the Universe considers your focus an affirmation of what you want more of! It makes no difference whether this focus is negative or positive, happy or sad. It only matters that it is focus. Your focus is like an arrow—  whatever you shoot your arrow at, the Universe brings you more of.

You probably already routinely experience how focus upon the positive amplifies the positive, and focus upon the negative amplifies the negative. We have all seen how the person who complains the most seems to encounter the rudest people, or how the person who talks constantly about health problems somehow always develops yet another health problem.

And then there are others who seem to live perpetually “on the sunny side of life,” who have a lighthearted, good-natured expectation of good fortune, and indeed, random and sometimes extravagant good luck seems to accompany them wherever they go!

We have all also had the experience of “synchronicity,” where, for example, the very person you were just speaking about walks through the door unexpectedly, or some one mentions “randomly” in passing some very important information that you had just been seeking out.

These are all examples of the Law of Attraction at work.

Manifestation Exercise for Beginners

Since we live in a society which emphasizes science and cause-and-effect-based explanations, the idea that your thoughts are somehow shaping the course of evolution itself may seem far-fetched to many people!

You do not need to believe in Law of Attraction— you can prove it verifiably to yourself! This is very well worth doing, for the more confident you are in your ability to shape your reality, the more effective you will be at doing so.

Here is a good beginner’s exercise for seeing the Law of Attraction in action.

Pick an object or image which you feel totally neutral about— say, a feather, or a giraffe. Choose an object which is easy to envision and conjure in your mind’s eye, but which you don’t feel particularly strongly about, either negatively or positively. Do not pick something charged with a lot of desire or emotional “baggage”; pick a benign object of no particular importance to you.

Early in the morning, before you have embarked upon your daily tasks, spend a few minutes in a calm, relaxed way focused upon this object. Paint it in your mind. Go over the details— the colors, the shapes, the textures, the sounds, the feelings that it might bring. In a light-hearted, casual spirit, try to “activate” this object or image within your mind; bring it to life. Spend enough time envisioning this object that it acquires some vividness, and then, after no more than a few minutes, let it go, and go about your day.

It will not take long for this object to appear in your physical experience. Within days, or hours, or minutes, you may walk down the street past a parked car, and there on the bumper sticker will be a cartoon of— a giraffe! Or you may arrive at your workplace and walk into the middle of a conversation among your co-workers about—  “feathers”! You may see an a commercial on TV, or overhear a passerby. The Universe has infinite ways to bring to you that which you are focused upon.

Use this simple exercise to show yourself how focusing your attention actually sculpts the reality that you live in. If focusing on a feather can summon feathers into your life, then think what focusing on abundance, love, spiritual fulfillment, excellence or adventure can do! It is as easy for the Universe to deliver to you seemingly enormous manifestations, like a life partner or millions of dollars, as seemingly pointless or insignificant ones, like cartoon giraffes. It is all a matter of deliberate focus.

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