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Lucid dreaming is the name given to dreams in which the person knows that they are dreaming. Some people have even been known to control the circumstances of the dream and have reported being able to do superhuman feats that they would never be able to do in “regular life.” Lucid dreaming is a subject on which there is a ton of information. Finding lucid dreaming books is not very hard at all. In fact, the hardest task you will have, when looking for lucid dreaming books, is choosing which one is the best one to take home.

The first writing on lucid dreaming was published in the seventeenth century by Sir Thomas Browne. In his work, Religio Medici, he wrote “yet in one dream I can compose a whole Comedy, behold the action, apprehend the jests and laugh myself awake at the conceits thereof.” Of course, there have been many more books on lucid dreaming published in the last three hundred years. Here are a few of the notable and popular books on lucid dreaming that are available today.

Here are a few lucid dreaming books that might be able to help you learn more about lucid dreaming.

  • Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and in Your Life by Stephen Laberge is actually a book and CD that teaches the readers and listeners methods to “wake up” while they are dreaming (but without sacrificing the dream state). The author spent twenty years studying lucid dreaming at Stanford University and he draws upon that for the advice and stories in his book. This book and cd has gotten rave reviews.
  • Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen Laberge was written in 1991 but is still one of the top results in a search for books on lucid dreaming done on This book is published by Ballantine Books and has been described as a must have for the dream researchers who are just starting to learn about the different types of dreaming. This is not a book on pop psychology but a book that uses established scientific research to help you work through your lucid dreaming. The book is based upon the work done by Laberge at Stanford University.
  • Lucid Dreams in 30 Days, Second Edition: The Creative Sleep Program by Keith Harary and Pamela Weintraub is another of the lucid dreaming books that you should consider buying. It is a guide to lucid dreaming and it promises to use techniques that will teach readers to lucid dream. The book takes a step by step approach to teaching and promises readers that, in thirty days, they will be come skilled at lucid dreaming. Most of the reviews of this book are extremely positive—it has even gotten a fair amount of five star reviews!
  • The Paradox of Sleep: The Story of Dreaming by Michel Jouvet and Laurence Garey is another of the more popular lucid dreaming books that is available both in bookstores and through book selling websites. This is a book that uses scientific fact as well as well written prose to explore the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. The book is actually an essay collection that is pieced together with intermittent narrative and explains the different between the types of sleep people experience, and whether dreams evolve with the creature that is dreaming them. This book has gotten rave reviews.
  • Dreaming: An Introduction to the Science of Sleep by J Allan Hobson is one of the lucid dreaming books that takes the scientific approach to what lucid dreams are, as opposed to the books that promise to teach you how to achieve them. The book can be a little dry, but it is definitely interesting. Reviewers say that it answered their questions about dreams and introduced new ideas about dreaming itself.
  • Conscious Dreaming: A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life by Robert Moss another one of the books on lucid dreaming that aims to teach the reader how to achieve lucid dreams. This book only uses nine steps to help the reader achieve all types of dreaming including clairvoyant dreams and precognitive dreaming. Reviewers have raved about this book because while its main focus is lucid dreaming, the book also talks about other types of dreams as well and what they mean. It is more of a spiritual guide to dreaming than anything else.
  • Lucid Dreaming: The Paradox of Consciousness During Sleep by Celia Green and Charles McCreery is an authoritative look at lucid dreaming. Celia Green is one of the first people to do research in lucid dreams and was the first to attribute lucid dreams to REM sleep. This book has been highly recommended by Psychologists because it uses a scientific and sensitive approach to lucid dreaming, something that most people look at with a healthy dose of skepticis.
  • Lucid Dreaming for Beginners: Simple Techniques for Creating Interactive Dreams (For Beginners) by Mark McElroy is a book that teaches you how to achieve lucid dreams. It involves following a ninety day plan that is described as simple and effective. In addition to the how-to, this book also includes stories by other people who have achieved lucid dreams.

Lucid dreaming is a fascinating subject, and if you have any doubt about this, a quick stroll through the psychology section at your local bookstore will show you just how popular the subject of dreams is. Finding the right lucid dreaming books to read can be a long process, but in the end you will have some very interesting reading waiting for you.

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