Reading tarot is an effective and magical way to provide insight to yourself and others when confronted with mysterious or confusing situations. The cards dig deep within your psyche and your energetic vibrations to provide clarity where it is lacking. The Celtic cross spread is one of the most commonlyContinue Reading

Absolutely one of the most fascinating cards of the Major Arcana is the Wheel Of Fortune. However, this is another one of those cards that is often misinterpreted by not only those who aren’t familiar with the Tarot, but also by experts as well. The truth is, the Wheel OfContinue Reading

Introduction to the Tarot The art of Tarot divination is like holding up a mirror to reality, revealing the greater forces that are working “behind the scenes” of the physical circumstances. Tarot fortune-telling is used to reveal what energies are active in a given situation— including those in the pastContinue Reading