Although our age is commonly based upon our years of existence that does not necessarily reflects our physical vitality, nor emotional age, not to mention, our ageless spiritual nature. To define our correct age, regardless of how long we have been here in this life, is more a question ofContinue Reading

In palmistry, the bracelet lines, also known as the Rascette lines, are considered part of the minor lines. They are horizontal or curved lines, located at the base of the palm, on the wrists, at the junction separating the hands from the rest of the arms. Most people only haveContinue Reading

Now more than ever, people are recognizing the collective consciousness present within humanity. One such example of this is the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect, also known as confabulation, wherein people experience alternate memories or alternate histories, only to find a global fact that they previously believed to beContinue Reading

We may live in a society, in an over populated world with little space or personal freedom. There are rules we should follow, for the sake of a collective harmony. There are restrictions and apparent social and cultural limitations to which we are obligated. Although, within each of us thereContinue Reading

Who is worthy to judge the value of another human beings life? All humans make mistakes, that is undeniably our condition. Some seem to make more than others, and yet they have the right to exist or another chance to correct their errors, but who is qualified enough to questionContinue Reading

Reading tarot is an effective and magical way to provide insight to yourself and others when confronted with mysterious or confusing situations. The cards dig deep within your psyche and your energetic vibrations to provide clarity where it is lacking. The Celtic cross spread is one of the most commonlyContinue Reading

Too often we can forget that many of our most commonly used household items carry with them magical properties than can be used to benefit our every day lives. Examples of these items are basil, salt, peppermint, sage, rose petals, and lavender to name a few. Rosemary is a usefulContinue Reading

The loss of someone dear is something inevitable. We cannot control, expect, and always seems to get us by surprise, no matter how well we prepare ourselves for. Grief Losing someone we love is never easy. All we can do is deal with it in the best way possible. ItContinue Reading

Psychics and psychic readings have been around for centuries. Readings have come in the form of the Tarot, premonitions, clairvoyance, mediums who communicate with the dead, and an assortment of other methods. The first well known psychic was a man by the name of Michel de Nostradame or, as heContinue Reading

Absolutely one of the most fascinating cards of the Major Arcana is the Wheel Of Fortune. However, this is another one of those cards that is often misinterpreted by not only those who aren’t familiar with the Tarot, but also by experts as well. The truth is, the Wheel OfContinue Reading